Parkfit Urban Equipment

Themed Playgrounds


The Black Forest playset features designs that reflect the mysterious and magical atmosphere of nature. Each piece takes children deep into the Black Forest and encourages them to step into the fascinating world of nature. This playset offers a natural environment where children love to explore and learn. Deep in the Black Forest, children can meet wildlife, explore mysterious paths and enjoy living in harmony with nature.


The Castello series is designed for little explorers who are ready to explore their imagination and dive into fun adventures. Made with colorful and durable materials, this playset allows children to become the king or queen of their own dream castles. It develops children's creativity and problem solving skills while having fun at the same time. With its simple yet impressive designs, it stimulates children's imagination and encourages them to constantly create new play scenarios.


Coco Jambo uniquely redefines children's home-themed play experience with its vibrant colors and asymmetrical design. Designed in bright and vibrant colors to add a splash of color to the fun. Each piece features detailed and playful designs that stimulate children's imagination. Its asymmetrical structure offers an extraordinary play experience. This playgroup develops children's creativity and problem solving skills while having fun at the same time. The asymmetrical design encourages children's imagination and allows them to constantly create new play scenarios.


Opening up the mechanical world to children's curious eyes and ready-to-discover hands, the mechanics series takes children on a fun and educational journey with vehicle and construction-themed designs. Each piece represents different mechanical tools and machines, so children can build their own highway or organize rescue operations. This playset allows children to develop their construction and creativity skills. Construction-themed pieces allow children to build their own structures and let their imagination run wild.


Invite your children on an adventure full of colorful wonders with the Coral series. Offering a fun, educational and safe play experience, this playset allows children to let their imagination run wild. This playset is full of fun and educational activities. Children can solve fun puzzles to get to know the different creatures and play number and letter games with the colorful corals.


It is a series of exploration and adventure designed to take children into the mysterious world of the underground. Filled with detailed and colorful designs of pipes, this playset features special designs that bring the underground labyrinths and details to life. The Underground series allows children to develop their skills of discovery and invention. With this series, hidden tunnels can be explored and the secrets of the underworld can be solved. This process develops children's problem solving skills while encouraging them to develop their creativity.


Designed for young explorers who love to travel to the magical world of the sky, the airplane series creates the feeling of being on a real airplane with its real airplane likenesses. Large and small airplanes and cockpit details allow children to experience a real airplane ride. Each piece allows children to explore the world of aviation while expanding their imagination. The designs encourage children's creativity and offer interactive play experiences.


The castle series stimulates children's imagination and makes them feel like a castle knight or brave princess. This playgroup helps children increase their social interaction while developing their creativity and problem-solving skills. It offers a great opportunity to get together with friends to build their castles, defeat enemies and embark on exciting adventures in their imaginary world.


Inspired by the colors of the rainbow, our playgroup series attracts children of all ages and offers a fun play experience. Each theme is inspired by the different colors of the rainbow. Each color stimulates children's imagination and opens the door to fun adventures. Filled with the magical world of colors, our playgroup series turns the colorful worlds of children's dreams into reality


Designed to give children mysterious sea adventures, the ship series takes children's imagination on a journey to the depths of the sea with its themed designs and realistic sails. Children can fight pirates, go on a treasure hunt or take a quiet sea voyage. One of the most striking features of our playgroup is its realistic sails. These sails allow children to feel the wind and experience sea adventures in a more realistic way.


The Train series features designs that recreate real railroad adventures. Colorful train cars, locomotives and train stations invite children to experience the excitement of a real train journey. Each piece allows children to explore and learn about railway systems while expanding their imagination. With designs that encourage children's creativity and offer interactive play experiences, the train wagons can be combined with different parts, giving children the opportunity to customize the train in their imagination. In addition, this playset full of train stations evokes the feeling of experiencing a real train journey.


The Robot series offers an exciting introduction to the world of future technology. This unique playset immerses children in the world of robots, strengthening their creativity and their relationship with technology. This series features colorful and vibrant robot-themed designs that will engage children. Each piece represents different types of robots and technological elements. Children can explore how robots can be used in a variety of tasks while developing their imagination. Children can solve robot-related puzzles, participate in robot competitions and design their own robots. These games allow children to develop their problem-solving skills.